Online meeting information

Online Meetings and Tradition 7

Suggestions following Somerset Intergroup:

  • Keep own pot at home
  • Individual treasurers to collect money from their online group members according to group conscious
  • Bank Transfer direct to Somerset Intergroup :  Sort Code 309998 A/C 01184757 Please detail appropriately eg “Trad7 – Somerset Zoom”


 To download PDF format of meetings Online in Somerset Intergroup area click button



Daily reflection listening A.A. zoom 15 minute meeting. Every morning at 9am this week and ongoing if needed.
Meeting ID 690 818 1838; Password


Daily meeting -on Lifesize.text Rachael S 07912342614 Uses Lifesize App
Start 7:15 links sent just before 7 to join meetingLinks will be sent via text, WhatsApp or Messenger


Tuesday night Big Book meeting 7.30 - 8:30pm 
Thursday afternoon 3:00-4:00
Saturday lunchtime Living Sober.10.30am - 11.30am 

Meeting ID: 688-469-5458



Bruton Thursday As Bill Sees It meeting 11:15am duration 1 hour

Join from 11.00

Meeting ID: 861 4138 9869


Crewkerne Sunday night topic meeting 06:30pm
Meeting ID: 718 909 538; Password: 105535


Glastonbury Saturday Lunchtime meeting 11am to Midday.



Ilchester Monday Living Sober meeting 11.00, duration 1 hour

Join from 10.45

Meeting ID 971 389 909


Nynehead Wednesday night 12x12 Steps meeting 7:30pm -1hr 30 mins

sign in on Zoom up to 30 mins before start 

Meeting ID:  910 397 357; password: serenity



Somerset Sisters in Sobriety  meeting.Thursday  6pm  
room opening at 5.45pm Password 017415

Taunton Albermarle venue meetings Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30, Saturday 7.
Meeting ID  690 818 1838; Password 208650


Taunton Tuesday lunchtime Topic meeting 1pm - 2pm. 
Doors open 12.45pm 
Meeting ID 328 250 560

Taunton Wednesday lunchtime As Bill Sees it meeting  1pm to 2pm
Doors open 12.45pm
Meeting ID 853 483 364


Wellington Monday night Big Book meeting 7:30pm - 1hr 30 mins

sign in on Zoom up to 30 mins before start

Meeting ID: 910 397 357;password: serenity



Wellington Friday meeting 1:00 pm

Meeting ID 894 4013 025; password reflection



Weston Super Mare Daily Morning Meditation 9.30am-10.00am

URL:  ID 103611375 

Weston Super Mare Daily Reflection Sunday Lunchtime 11.45am - 1pm 
URL:  ID 250990447

Weston-super-Mare Sunday Keep it simple zoom meeting 6.45pm - 8pm Meeting ID 3244907474 


Weston Super Mare Juniper ward Meeting As Bill Sees It Sunday Afternoon 2.45pm - 4pm URL: ID 6820123989


Weston Super Mare Evening Meeting Living In the solution Sunday Evening 7.15pm-8.30pm URL: ID 830721922


Weston Super Mare We Came to Believe Monday Lunchtime 11.45pm -1pm 

URL: ID 147253599


Weston Super Mare Women in Recovery Monday Evening 5.45pm -7pm

URL: ID 941276965


Weston Super Mare Big Book Study Monday Night 7.15pm - 9pm

URL: ID 643622079


Weston Super Mare Living Sober Tuesday Lunchtime 11.45am -1pm 

URL: ID 395927639


Weston Super Mare Language of the Heart LGBTQ+ unrestricted access 6.00-7.00pm

URL: ID6820123989


Weston Super Mare Experience, Strength and Hope Tuesday Evening 7.15pm – 8.30pm URL: ID 444974751


Weston Super Mare Steps to sobriety Wednesday Lunchtime 11.45am -1pm

URL: ID 6820123989


Weston Super Mare As Bill Sees It Wednesday Evening 7.17pm -8.30 

URL: ID 673431801


Weston Super Mare How it Works Thursday Lunchtime 11.45 -1pm 

URL: ID 702717309


Weston Super Mare Newcomers Meting Thursday Evening 5.30 - 6.30pm 

URL: ID 733708005


Weston Super Mare Corpus Christi We Trudge the Happy Road to Destiny Thursday Evening 7pm -8pm URL: ID 820111302


Weston Super Mare Treading Traditions Friday Lunchtime 11.45am -1pm 

URL: ID 997773592


Weston Super Mare Women in Recovery Friday Evening 5.45pm -7pm 

URL: ID 6820123989


Weston Super Mare Emmanuel Rehab to Recovery Friday Night 7.15pm – 8.30pm 

URL: ID 850100336


Weston Super Mare Step x Step 12 step study Friday Night 8.30 pm - 9.45pm

URL: 1D 593269314


Weston Super Mare Experience, Strength and Hope Saturday Lunchtime 11.45 -1PM 

URL: ID 234339525


Weston Super Mare We Came to Believe Saturday Evening 7.15pm – 8.30pm

URL: ID 473601688



Williton Sunday Keep it Simple meeting 7:00pm - 1hr 30 mins

sign in on Zoom from 6:45pm
Meeting ID: 433 964 004;Password  Williton - plus a number -the day of the month 
Williton Thursday night AA meeting 7.30 pm 
room opens at 7.15pm. meeting ID 416 263 139; password 902638
Yeovil/Ilminster meetings 6.30 8.00pm except Saturday 9.30-11.00am
Monday meeting ID:377 590 194 password:BillwDrBob
Tuesday meeting ID:159 617 640 password:BillwDrBob
Wednesday:meeting ID:557 675 851; password:BillwDrBob
Thursday meeting ID:844 6998 8548:password:BillwDrBob
Friday meeting ID:847 0175 1966:password:BillwDrBob
Saturday meeting ID:862 1638 8040:password:BillwDrBob