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Just a reminder that our 10th convention is just around the corner on the 28th of April .... can all groups start to push for ticket buying ssales please....
As they are slow coming at the moment!!
Please all groups support our fab convention.
Thank you.
Saturday night Taunton open inbetween Christmas and New year. Saturday 29th meeting reducing to an hour 7-8. Followed by bring and share buffet. There is a local pizza place where members might like to order in. Otherwise just bring and share. All welcome, looking forward to seeing you there.
Shepton Tuesday meeting is open on Christmas And New Year's day. Both meetings are open type meetings.
New Meeting near Yeovil

Monday 30th April

The How and the Why of it

Monday evenings 7-8pm
A twelve steps and twelve traditions study and discussion group.

Whitcross Community Centre
BA22 9TQ
Taunton Lunchtime meeting closed today 1/3/18 due to bad weather.
Submit your responses for Questions for Conference 2018 by the end of March using the tab.
The Glastonbury Thursday evening is now closed
A brand new website for all of us in Somerset.