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Please note that Zoom are updating their privacy defaults tonight (4th April 2020). This means that “us unprofessional hosts” who have set up these meeting, in the aim of continuing to carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic will aim to adjust as quickly as possible. As we did on moving from the “rooms” to the “zoom rooms” in two weeks. Please bare with us and your patience is appreciated. If you wish to comment or raise an issue please detail in a email to secretary@somersetaa.org and I will bring your comments to our intergroup meeting in May YIF Sarah F secretary Somerset intergroup
Daily reflection listening A.A. zoom 15 minute meeting. Every morning at 9am this week and ongoing if needed.

Meeting ID 690 818 1838

Taunton Albermarle venue remains shut but all evening meetings in WTF at the Albermarle have moved to zoom format. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30, Saturday 7.
Meeting ID as above
Whilst the Glastonbury Saturday lunchtime Meeting is closed a Virtual Meeting on Zoom has been set up for every Saturday 11 am till Midday.

Meeting ID 119187026
Regards Eileen K GSR
2 AA meetings on Zoom (please download the app) to temporarily replace Monday night Wellington and Wednesday night Nynehead:

Monday night Big Book meeting 7:30pm - 1hr 30 mins, sign in on Zoom up to 30 mins before start - ID: 831 132 091; password: serenity
Secretary - Han

Wednesday night 12x12 Steps meeting 7:30pm -1hr 30 mins, sign in on Zoom up to 30 mins before start - ID: 831 132 091; password: serenity
Secretary - Harry

Open meetings. Please mute microphone when not sharing.

Wellington venue for Monday night and Friday lunchtime closed until further notice.
Hi all, although it is unfortunate that many meeting venues are closing there are plenty of online meetings setting up.

If you wish to join an international online meeting then please send an email to secretary @somersetaa.org with your details and mobile number as well if you use what’s app and I will send you links and instructions.

We are also setting up some local online Somerset meetings in the coming week and will send these links to GSRs and to individual emails (blind copy) if you provide me with your personal address.

If you have started up an online meeting locally and are happy to post on here then please do or if you are happy for me to let any local contacts know if they email in then let me know by email or text me (Sarah f on WTF Taunton Wednesday night). Take care YIF Sarah
Magna Housing in Williton whose community common room both Williton A.A. groups use have closed the room until further notice.
This means the Thursday and Sunday night meetings have been cancelled sadly.
The Bleadon Thursday evening meeting is cancelled until further notice
With regret the Bleadon Discussion AA Group on Thursday evening is closed until further notice.
Shepton Mallet lunchtime meeting venue is now closed until further notice.
“Accordingly, with effect from Friday afternoon this week the Albemarle centre Taunton will be closed, along the lines described in the email distributed on Monday, until further notice.”

If you wish to know about local online or contacts then please email secretary@somersetaa.org or look in you WTF leaflet for numbers to text for information

YIF Sarah
****** Update @ 15.40pm ******

Bridgwater 7.30-9 Tuesday

I have spoken with Liz @St John's Church and although main church services are cancelled, at this time, the room will be left available for scheduled AA meetings to go ahead (Tues/Sat).

AA are the only group allocated to use the room at this time, so Liz suggests that we bring our own Anti bacterial spray for door handles, tables and surfaces etc and it to be used as advised.


Taunton Mary Magdalene church meeting closed until further notice
Please note Yeovil Tuesday meeting is cancelled until further notie
please note Ilminster tuesday night meeting at monks yard cancelled until further notice
Please note that the West Dorset convention has been postponed, due to the ongoing situation with the Covid 19 virus.