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There is now a new big book study on zoom

Mendip Meetings
Thursday Eve
730 pm doors open at 720pm
Zoom ID 936 179 5321, password billandbob
all are welcome
Weston Super Mare
Christmas Eve Meeting
We trudge the road to Happy Destiny
Experience strength and Hope
7pm -8pm

Zoom 898 1409 5219. Password 100635
WSM Boxing Day Zoom Meetings

8am - 8.30 Morning Meditation. ID 819 8358 3297
12pm -1.00 - Boxing Day Topic . ID. 885 0603 2501
(Password for this meeting 375081)
6.30 = 7.30 Saturday Night Fever ID. 389 955 0562
8pm- 9pm Boxing Night. Chat ID. 389 955 0562
Password for all Meetings 100635
WSM Christmas Day Zoom Meetings

8am - 8.30 Morning Meditation. ID 819 8358 3297
3pm - 4pm - Christmas Discussion. ID. 389 955 0562
5pm - 6pm Christmas Crackers ID. 389 955 0562
7.30 - 8.30 Trudge the Rd E.S.H. ID 389 955 0562
9pm- 10pm Christmas Night. ID. 389 955 0562
Password for all Meetings 100635
Monday night Big Book study WSM

Is on Zoom as usual on Monday 28th Dec
And Monday 4th January. (Overseas speaker in January)

7.30pm start till 9pm.

Zoom ID : 860 6608 2877
Password: 100635

Men and Women Online Sponsorship available.
Christmas Day 2020
Wells/Cheddar/Glastonbury meetings

9am - 10am
11am - 12pm
3.15pm - 4.15pm
5.15pm - 6.15pm
7.15pm - 8.15pm

Zoom ID : 286 298 1002
Password : Serenity1
Friday night Taunton face to face meetings is cancelled on Christmas Day but we will have a zoom meeting in its place. 7-8:30. Contact Louise on 07305869436 for more information. Face to face meeting will resume as normal from January 1st 2021 (7:30-9pm)
Saturday Night meeting
At the Albermarle centre, Taunton
On Boxing Day will be on ZOOM only!
Finally would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and do log on to our meeting at 7pm-8pm on the 26th December 2020!
Thanks Anita GSR for Saturday.
Christmas Day and New Years’ Day evening meetings open in Minehead
Bruton Thursday group will be open on both Christmas Eve and NewYear’s eve
The Wellington 'Daily Reflection Meeting' on Friday 25th December and 1st January will be held as normal between 1pm and 2pm.
ID: 894 401 36025
PW: reflection
Very pleased to announce that following Sam’s message about Friday night Albemarle meetings in Taunton, we have filled all service positions and will remain open. We now operate on a step/share/topic/tradition (one of these) weekly. Please call the number on the where to find to book. Thanks
The lifesize online meetings on the WTF have now changed to the Zoom platform. See below for details.

These zoom (previously lifesize) are as follows:
Monday: Cheddar - Big book
Tuesday: reading and share
Wednesday: Wells (online and physical)
Thursday: Step meeting
Friday: Reading and Share
Sat: Wells (online and Physical)
Sunday: Glastonbury ‘candle light’ Topic meeting.

Zoom details.
Meeting ID: 286 298 1002
Passcode: Serenity1
Nynehead Wednesday night Step meeting (Zoom) 7:30pm - 9:00pm.


Our login details have changed:

ID - 84982792905
Password - unity

Many thanks

Sadly after a group conscience meeting we have decided to close the Friday Taunton meeting on the 25th September unless the following service positions can be filled.
Chair, 2 greeters, literature secretary and 2 cleaners. If you would like to attend a physical meeting and would like a service position, please do come along. It would be very sad for this long standing meeting to end.
Face to face meetings return Wells
wells city Saturday 7:00-8:15 and wells mendip Wednesday 7:30-8:45 both at connect centre, chamberlain st, wells.
Guidelines, masks, track n trace.
Jan x ( Glastonbury thurs gsr)
Wednesday night Nynehead Step meeting has returned to Zoom (from hybrid).
7:30pm-09:00pm. Reading from 12x12 book.

ID: - 803 359 5037
Password:- unity



All Albemarle meetings have returned to the physical venue.

Taunton (Albemarle based) meetings Hybrid (physical and zoom)
Meeting numbers limited due to social distancing please call Sarah 07449 310324 or Paul 07501 219642
Monday (7.30-8.40 pm), Wednesday (7.30-8.40 pm) and Saturday (7-8pm)

Meeting ID: 690 818 1838
Password: 208650
The Friday Taunton meeting will be reopening this Friday (31st July).
Due to the current climate, certain measures have been put in place.
We will be operating a booking system as we have a limit of how many people are allowed at the Albermarle centre due to social distancing.
Please call Louise on 07305 869436, Sam on 07595 426351, Damon on 07761 890327 or Mike on 07599 513654 to book a place. Priority will be given to new comers if we reach capacity.
Temperatures will be taken on arrival.
Names and phone numbers will be taken for the Track & Trace system but will be disposed of appropriately after 2 weeks and will be treated with confidentiality during that time.
Hand sanitiser will be provided.
We hope that by adhering to the suggested guidelines we will all enjoy a safe and enjoyable meeting.
Updated information about reopening AA physical meetings.
Please note that Zoom are updating their privacy defaults tonight (4th April 2020). This means that “us unprofessional hosts” who have set up these meeting, in the aim of continuing to carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic will aim to adjust as quickly as possible. As we did on moving from the “rooms” to the “zoom rooms” in two weeks. Please bare with us and your patience is appreciated. If you wish to comment or raise an issue please detail in a email to secretary@somersetaa.org and I will bring your comments to our intergroup meeting in May YIF Sarah F secretary Somerset intergroup