Have you considered a subscription to Share Magazine?
Share comes out monthly and is available for group or individual subscription. It costs £1 per copy per month in the UK including postage. The primary purpose of Share is to carry the message in print; it makes an excellent gift for yourself, your sponsor/sponsee or your home group! Share is mailed in a plain brown envelope to protect anonymity. If you would like to take out a subscription to Share , please print out the form below then complete and return it to the GSO

Region And Intergroup Share Liaison Officers

SHARE is the monthly magazine of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is the responsibility of the General Service Board and is run by an editorial team which consists of a group of AA members working voluntarily. Each issue is made up of a wide variety of articles, letters, information and graphics. All this comes from the Fellowship and without it the magazine would not exist. Consequently, a steady stream of material is needed not only for each issue (and occasional specific themes) but also to maintain a reserve for when insufficient comes in. In accordance with Tradition Seven we desire to be self supporting and the simplest way this can happen is by increasing circulation.

The Threefold Task:
1. To encourage and garner submission of articles and letters and other relevant material for inclusion in all SHARE-related productions.

2. To communicate at all levels of the Fellowship services.

3. To increase circulation.
The HINTS & TIPS leaflet is full of ideas which will help you to be an active region or Intergroup SHARE liaison officer.

If you intend to hold a workshop to promote SHARE and find out the feelings of the Fellowship and need a member of the SHARE team for support, please let us know in good time. It may be possible for someone to be there.

The quarterly newsletter from the SHARE team is to let you know what is happening currently. Please answer any queries put to you and let us know what the Fellowship is saying or not saying (just as important).


Structure of the SHARE representative system
The SHARE Liaison Officer is the main link of communication between the Fellowship and the SHARE editorial team.


GROUPS: Each group should have a SHARE representative. In a small group this may be the literature secretary.


INTERGROUPS: Each Intergroup has a SHARE Liaison Officer who keeps in touch with the group contacts and reports quarterly to the Regional SHARE Liaison Officer.


REGIONS: The Regional SHARE Liaison Officer collates this information and reports to the Regional Assembly. A copy of this report should go to the Intergroup Liaison Officers and to the SHARE team c/o GSO, York.


THE BOARD: The Board Trustee serving with the editorial team reports quarterly to the General Service Board.


Annual Meetings of SHARE Liaison Officers
The team believes that maximum communication with Regional and Intergroup SLOs is best achieved by an annual meeting. An annual meeting of the SHARE sub-committee plus Regional Share Liaison Officers takes place each autumn at GSO.