The holder of this post will usually have served on Intergroup for a number of years, having held one or more of the offices. The period of service is three years, after which the Chair should rotate out. The Chair has the responsibility of convening and conducting the meetings, and approving the agenda and minutes before they are published.

Position Filled Rotate out November 2025

Vice Chair
The Vice-Chair has the responsibility of conducting the meeting in the absence of the Chair. 


The Secretary has the responsibility with the Chair for preparing the agenda and minutes of meetings and for distributing these documents to the Groups well before meetings so that there is ample time to discuss the contents.

The Secretary deals with all correspondence, passing for example requests for speakers to outside organisations to the Public Information Officer or a suitable member. The Secretary keeps in touch with the General Service Office making sure that it promptly has a copy of the minutes and notice of any change of officer.

Position Filled Rotate out February 2026


The Treasurer has the responsibility for keeping a proper account of all Intergroup finances and ensuring that funds are available for its essential current requirements with a prudent reserve of, say, two months' estimated expenditure. The Treasurer reports to Intergroup the balance remaining for prompt transfer through the service structure to the General Service Office. A good working knowledge of spreadsheets is a must.

Position Filled Rotate out May 2025

Health Liaison Officer

The Health Liaison Officer, Co-ordinates hospital and all related activities in the local area.

 Position Filled Rotate out November 2024

Electronic Communications Liaison Officer
The ECLO is responsible for the Somerset Intergroup website, keeping meeting details up-to-date using information supplied by local members, and for forwarding of emails to the relevant officers.

Position Filled Rotate out November 2025

Public Information Liaison Officers

A Public Information Officer is responsible for ensuring that information about the A.A. message and programme of recovery is conveyed to outside organisations to the best possible advantage. The provision of a panel of members to comply with requests for speakers is an important part of this activity.


Telephone Liaison Officer / Twelve Step Responder's
Telephone Liaison Officer coordinates the workings of the Telephone Service as recommended in (Guideline 6)


Probation Liaison Officer

Probation Liaison Officer/Social Services AA Liaison Officer is responsible for establishing links with the probation services in England and Wales.


Prison Liaison Officer

Prison Liaison Officer/Social Services AA Liaison Officer is responsible for establishing links with the Prison services in England and Wales.

Position Filled Rotate out May 2026

Employment Liaison Officer

An Employment Liaison Officer assumes responsibility for liaising with all sectors of commerce and industry. (See Guideline 8)


Region Representatives Region
Representatives keep each body, Region and Intergroup, aware of business transacted at the other. Each Intergroup may send three voting representatives, whilst other AA members may attend as observers.

2 x Vacancies

 Armed Services Liaison

An Armed Services Liaison Officer is responsible for establishing local links with the Royal Navy, the Army, the Royal Air Force and any other organisation connected with the Armed Services.

Position Filled Rotate out August 2026

The Archivist is the person responsible for the collection, its documents and artefactual items. He or she takes care of, and maintains the physical integrity of the collection and is instrumental in its further development. The Archivist is also responsible for ensuring the protection of the anonymity of its members and the confidentiality of the AA records.


Young People’s Liaison Officer
Newly formed Intergroup position more information will be posted.

Position Filled Rotate out August 2026

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